What we do (our services)

This list of our services is by no means exhaustive, but gives a good outline of some of the work we do with clients, from one off pieces to full management of Marketing, PR and New Media.

If there’s a particular piece of work that you’d like us to do just ask.


Press Releases
A press release is a great way to promote your company and engage with your audience, without having to pay for advertising fees. Asparagus can not only give you ideas for press releases, but develop creative stories and interesting news to engage with your market, whether it be trade or in the public eye. We also have relationships in the newspaper and magazine world, that will help you get your message out there.

Creative and imaginative copy can go a long way to giving your company the image you’re trying to achieve. Whether its through website content, brochures, direct mail or company literature, Asparagus can transfer ideas and concepts into imaginative words and imagery to really inspire your target market.

Through successful editing, your materials can cut out a lot of unnecessary information that can often confuse or switch off customers. Asparagus has a wealth of experience of promotional literature and have seen as many materials that work, as ones that don’t!

It’s vital that with every touch point your customer has with your company or brand, that information is accurate. Errors (no matter how small) can often give a poor impression. As this is our day job, we can give your literature the care and attention that you simply have not got time to and ensure that you’re producing accurate and well detailed materials for your customers and prospects.


Website design
In an age where the internet has so much to offer and is so accessible, a website presence is really important and acts as another means to engage with your customers. From concept, through design to development and launch Asparagus can deliver a website that really engages your customers and prospects (just look at our own website!!). Not only that, but we can help drive traffic and promote the website on and off-line. We’re not just here to give you a product, but we want to give you a great service too.

Brand logos
It’s been said that a picture can say a thousand words and this is no different for your brand logo. Not only are you creating a face for your product or service, but giving it personality, character and an image that your customers can relate to and engage with in an easy, yet incredibly powerful way.

Commercial photography
To really capture the essence of your products, brand or service, our photography can give your materials a really professional finish. Asparagus can help with concepts, creative and set up of photographs. Calling upon our expertise, knowledge and professional equipment to ensure you get the very best out of your photographs. Just have a look through some of our example work we’ve done for clients.

Another great mechanic to attract new and existing customers, but where do you begin? What’s legal and what isn’t? Which competitions excite customers and which ones are a bit naff?! Asparagus can advise and manage the setting up, running and administering of your competitions to help you reward your customers and free up your time.

Brochures and Annual Reports
Brochures can be a great way to educate current and new customers, whilst annual reports are a must to many organisations, yet they report the whole picture of your company and, are therefore, very important to get right. These materials can often cause clients an unwelcome distraction to manage themselves, but the need is no less there. Asparagus can help create interesting and inspiring materials that set you out from the thousands of brochures and annual reports that are already out there and bring your product or service to life.

Page layout
Bringing together literature can be a long and complicated process with templates and standards to match. If you already have concepts in place, then we can advise on how best to maximize the space on the page and ensure that your communicating important messages with the write tone and pace for your material.


Web hosting
We can manage your website to ensure you get the best out of your on-line presence through content management, secure transactions and technical support. It’s just another one of our great services that make you life easier and remove the hassle of worrying about whether your site is functioning correctly or not.

Direct Marketing
For full consultation and management of your direct marketing campaigns, Asparagus can advise using our knowledge and experience to ensure that your campaigns are managed efficiently, that they’re run effectively and then evaluated giving a truly holistic approach to maximizing your return on investment.

Whether it’s about your competitors, your customers, or potential gaps in the market, Asparagus can give your company better information and a better understanding as after all - knowledge is power!

Compiling databases
To ensure you fully understand your customer and prospects, Asparagus can develop, manage and analyse your databases giving you a view of customer buying behaviour, customer attrition, product sales and most importantly your loyal customers, to ensure that you invest in the right segments at the right time.

Campaign management
From concept through implementation, to evaluation, Asparagus can effectively manage your campaigns to give you more time and resource. This is our day job, so we have processes and techniques in place that saves you the hassle of having to set them up yourself – after all why reinvent the wheel?

Event management
Organising events can be very time consuming and require great attention to detail, not to mention the planning, contingency and let downs along the way. So, let Asparagus take away the hassle. We deliver successful events, through our professional project management approach, which then allows you to enjoy the end result without getting your hands dirty!

Sponsorship management
Looking for sponsorship opportunities and negotiating terms can be a complicated process. Not only finding suitable sponsors, or sponsorship opportunities, but then ensuring you get the most out of your investment. With our expertise we can investigate options and deliver a package to make sure you get the most from your money.

In-house press office
Managing what the press says about your company and brand can really affect the way the public and your customers perceive you. Asparagus’ experience and expert advice can ensure that the right message is communicated at the right time.

Media planning
Asparagus can effectively plan, buy and manage your media and advertising campaigns to ensure you’re getting the best deals and the best results.

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