Website hosting

As part of the design and development of projects for our clients we provide website hosting specific to the needs of each project, this ranges from shared hosting for many of our clients, through to dedicated servers for clients who have specific requirements for ecommerce and social networking.

Your website is hosted in the UK, guaranteeing you premium UK download speeds and superior search listings on the likes of Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Many other hosting providers offer solutions that are hosted in mainland Europe or the USA, even if they have UK offices. Make sure you don't compromise on the connection speed of your website or its Google UK search listings. Make sure your website is hosted in the UK with us.

Based around Monthly, Quarterly and Annual fees we provided extensive hosting packages that offer unlimited bandwidth and generous space adequate to every clients needs.

Email, SPAM protection and monthly statistics along with support time are included as part of our hosting packages. Although hosting services are restricted to client projects we welcome requests for existing sites that wish to migrate to using our services in the longterm.

Please feel free to contact us with details of your hosting needs and any services that are applicable to the project.

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