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The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the collective body that derives standards for a variery of Internet Related formats and policies. In the mainstream view the term W3C compliance relates to websites that are built according to the guidelines setout by the W3C.

Given that these rules and guidlines have been setout to create a standard throughout the internet, you will find that credible organisations will look to these rules to create their projects in order to conform and therefore be able to interact with other third party systems.

A key example of this would be Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN; as institutions who wish to present their customers with trusted, accurate and informative data they are able to grade websites across a number of factors, be it popularity, frequency of content changes and also the quality of the data.

The last part is applicable to W3C, in that the document (the webpage) is formatted according to preset guidlines and data is presented as the Search Engine would expect to find it according to these rules.

Clearly formatted data will mean Search Engines understanding your documents quicker and in more detail - therefore W3C compliance is effectively the foundations of any website that is reliant on Search Engines as a key referrer of customers.

Our knowledge of W3C compliance originates from extensive work with government organisations such as The United Nations, The Department for Works and Pensions and many academic institutions. Further more, our application of W3C compliance covers web, mobile and other devices.

For more information, or a review of your existing projects compliance, the contact us today.

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