The Charity Sector

With nearly 200,000 registered charities in the UK, the “Third Sector” has become more competitive than ever. Whether the charity is a small local hospice aiming to raise £250 to redecorate a visitor’s room, or the NSPCC aiming to raise £250,000,000 to bring an end to cruelty to children; finding and engaging with donors, and then gaining their support, can be equally as difficult.

Charities have the challenge of raising income with limited resources; from people with the right skills, to minimum budgets to achieve the fundraising objectives. That’s where Asparagus comes in. From helping build a case for support, to targeting and engaging with potential donors Asparagus can help the process of reaching out to donors – open hearts, open minds and then open cheque books.

With Asparagus’ combined knowledge and experience of new media and the charity sector, we can help find new and cost effective ways to achieve your appeal targets and increase the level of awareness about the cause. Utilising our resources to tackle Marketing, PR, events and your website, Asparagus will ensure that your needs are met, whilst creating a donor experience that will keep them motivated and inspired to give.

Rationalising why donors give, be it social recognition, philanthropy, mutual benefit, or an affinity with the causes is key to building successful long term relationships with your donors. Asparagus can assist in the identification process and then carry that through to the gift, through tax effective giving and even ensuring that your website carries consistent messages, engages with potential donors and more importantly support the transactional operation - securing donations (including the all important gift aid!)

For further advice and guidance of how to achieve your appeal target and compete for loyal donors contact us today.

We ourselves support many charities and acknowledge this by providing discounted services to charities wishing to use our services, be it Website/Graphic Design through to Marketing and Fundraising.

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