Who we are

Asparagus PR are a multi-channel, integrated marketing consultancy that delivers creative and successful business solutions, using a full mix of mechanics in Marketing, Public Relations and New Media, to clients of all sectors and backgrounds.

Our team has a wealth of experience and diverse knowledge and has worked alongside blue chip and global brands to develop award winning projects. We’re passionate about what we do and that passion carries on in to our client relationships, ensuring that we provide a proactive, transparent dialogue, so you’re never left wondering. Regular and consistent communication between ourselves and the client is key to the success of our campaigns.

Our aims

At the forefront of our service we are passionate about our four values of working with clients which are maintained throughout the relationship:

Exceptional customer service, always.
This can often be a failing of many businesses in general and not just consultancies and agencies. As a valued client, you should expect to receive what you pay for and the respect and quality of service that comes with it.

Always deliver what we promise and never promise what we cannot deliver.
With every piece of work that we undertake, we follow a very simple process that ensures both the client and Asparagus are communicating at every stage of the brief. Therefore, the finished product will be what you asked for and what you expect.

Explain how and why we do things.
We want to add value beyond carrying out the work that is briefed, and so we always give reasons and insight as to why and how we carry out activities. The better you understand the process, the more confidence you will have, giving you buy-in and support from your colleagues and peers.

Treat every client as an individual.
As a talented and multi-faceted agency, we undertake work from a variety of clients, from a variety of sectors. However, each piece of work and each individual relationship is treated as if it were our only one. Without our clients we would not exists. We thrive from new challenges and every client brings about their own individuality that deserves our full energy and commitment to make a successful relationship.


Our Team

Work with any agency or consultancy and, as a client, you expect the best people on your account. Work with Asparagus PR and you will receive a first class service from exceptionally talented and experienced individuals (if we do say so ourselves!).

We find that our mix of experience, knowledge and personalities create a wonderful balance to the client’s relationship and aids us in considering all opportunities available to maximize successful campaigns.

Meet our Account Directors:

Marc Hornby
With diverse experience in a variety of sectors and functions, Marc brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the organisation. With key positions held in Advertising, Direct Marketing, Public Relations, Charity and Sales, with some of the largest and well known brands, not only in the UK but worldwide, in McCann-Erikson, Bacardi-Martini, McCain Foods and NSPCC, Marc drives the Marketing and PR side of our services and works individually with accounts in order to maximize response rates, conversions and ultimately client’s profits.

Aside from Marc’s marketing brilliance, he’s also a qualified Relaxation Therapist, just in case that’s any help!

Emma Hornby
With a career beginning as a freelance writer and photographer, Emma offers a great balance to the team at Asparagus. With a keen eye for detail and creative flair, Emma produces inspirational communications, images and practical thinking that truly engages with the target market and brings to life the mindset of the consumer.

Emma’s key areas of focus include commercial photography, copywriting, proofreading and creative concepts for campaigns. Not only is Emma incredibly imaginative, but she also used to be a Salsa instructor and I bet not many agencies can say that about one of their Directors!

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